Women Empowerment Program (WEP), Kathmandu

In the year 2002, altogether 36 women’s groups were chosen to initiate women’s empowerment programs. After successfully implementing the project, an evaluation was commissioned in 2004 to find out the impact of the women’s empowerment program. The findings of the evaluation were encouraging and the impact was obvious. The women had started a small business, participated in general gatherings, used the platform to address their issues, a greater sense of togetherness prevailed in the community. The lessons learned gave direction to the organization for planning further programs effectively.

The evaluation team recommended the continuation of similar programs for women’s empowerment. Thus 6 VDC’s were chosen from Southern Kathmandu district namely Talku Dudechaur, Dakshinkali, Sheshnarayan, Chhaimale, Setidevi, and Chalnakhel. This time 65 women’s groups were formed. The programs implemented include awareness of women’s rights, improving women’s role in social, economic, health, political, educational spheres by equipping them with skill, knowledge, and capacity to cope with emerging issues, advocate against sexual discrimination/Seek justice on women’s issues. The primary aim of the project was to form the women’s group federation and VDC wise Women’s Network Groups.


January 2005 – December 2007


Chhaimale, Talku Dudechour, Sesh Nayaran, Dachhinkali, Seti Devi and Chalnakhel VDCs of Kathmandu District

Supporting Partners:

Health and Welfare Ministries, United Methodist Church, USA


  • To facilitate the process of empowerment of 65 women’s groups.
  • To facilitate the formation of 6 groups of adolescent girls to improve their quality of life.
  • To initiate large-scale women’s enterprises to improve the economic status of women.
  • To establish a community-based learning center for women for developing their knowledge and skill.
  • To effectively monitor and periodically evaluate the progress of the program.

Thematic Priorities:

  • Capacity Building and Strengthening
  • Adolescent Girls Program
  • Women Entrepreneurship Development
  • Community-Based Action Learning
  • Monitoring and Evaluation