Advocacy on Women Empowerment Program(AWEP), Lalitpur

Share and Care conducted a PRA survey to assess the social, economic, educational, health, and physical structure of the in Dukuchhap and Chhampi in July 2005.  Based on findings, women’s status of the economic condition is poor, has less access to the opportunity of income generation, and there are no tangible activities for women’s development.  Therefore, Share and Care design and implemented the AWEP project to empower women on social and economic issues.

The project focused on facilitating women’s empowerment and uplift their status in society. The project addressed the issues confronted by the community i.e. social, education, economical, health, and environment. The project had a significant emphasis on improving the livelihood status of the community through income generation activities.


January 2008 – December 2010


Chhampi and Dukuchhap VDCs of  Lalitpur District

Supporting Partners:



  • To facilitate the process of empowerment of 18 women’s groups (Each group will have been trained/orientated in the area of their rights, duties and obligation, organization development process and techniques, local resource mobilization, basic management skills, entrepreneurship, leadership, and networking.)
  • To facilitate the formation of 4 groups of adolescent girls to improve their quality of life.
  • To initiate women’s enterprises to improve the economic status of women.
  • To establish a community-based learning center for women for developing their knowledge and skill.
  • To effectively monitor and periodically evaluate the progress of the program.

Thematic Priorities:

  • Capacity building and strengthening
  • Adolescent Girls Program
  • Women Entrepreneurship Development
  • Community-Based Action Learning
  • Monitoring and Evaluation