About Us

Share and Care was registered as the first Christian NGO in Nepal under the name Share and Care in Medico, Nepal (SCM/N) with the goal of assisting the health care needs of those in vulnerable communities. Share and Care has been empowering and transforming vulnerable communities through a variety of programs ever since. On July 12th, 2005 to respond to community needs and reflect the expansion of outreach programs to more communities, SCM/N changed their name to Share and Care Nepal (SCN)

The scripture verse “love your neighbor, as you love yourself” and the common saying that “prevention is better than cure” inspired Ramesh Kumar Khadka, a young dental hygienist, to reach out and help rural communities by travelling around to remote villages with just a backpack stuffed with medicine and other supplies. The “one man’s backpack free mobile clinic” focused on oral healthcare and Ramesh quickly realized that most of the cases he was treating could easily have been avoided with basic oral hygiene and preventative care. These experiences made a deep impression in the heart of Ramesh and convinced him to do something for the prevention of diseases and early health intervention in rural communities. Read more about “The Beginning Of The Movement”.

Our Values

We are committed to work with individual, family and communities with concern for their well being through expansion of tangible transformation, development projects and exploring opportunities for new partnerships. We have been producing and sharing best practices throughout years of experience in community development. We believe love is sharing and caring, respect is honoring every being, integrity is aligning thought, speech & action and service is getting it done and well.

Our Goals

Our major goals are to contribute in addressing the needs of communities for their progress, generating hope and aspirations in their lives. We envision a transformed and harmonious communities living a prosperous life. Therefore, some of our major objectives can be roughly listed as following:

  • Create tangible transformation in the lives of poor and vulnerable people
  • Improve food security and livelihood of the urban and rural communities
  • Combating trafficking, exploitation and slavery at the community level
  • Transforming individuals into value based community development professionals

Though making a difference in the lives of the people by reaching out to vulnerable communities have been a duty since the beginning, we list few as thematic pillars to provide a strategic focus for our mission, with corresponding strategies that identify how work can be efficiently done. Among many of our goals community empowerment, food security and livelihood, combating trafficking, organizational development, transforming people and transforming communities, gender equity and social inclusion and child rights are our key principles.