CDM (Community Development & Management) Training Background

The Community Development & Management(CDM) course was initially conceptualized back in 1994 (2051 B.S) by the Founder and Director of SCN while participating in the diploma course in community health and population training conducted by the Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP)  at Jamkhed of India. The concept was then worked out into a detailed community development management training course and the first batch of 20 participants from 15 districts attended this course in 2013. Since then, this training course has undergone several revisions and developments. Up to now, 181 Participants from 28 districts have already passed out the CDM Basic, Advance & Diploma Course. Until now, the training has been conducted at Transformation Centre, Bandegaun, Lalitpur.

This CDM course has been affiliated to the Future Generation University of the USA in 2017 A.D.

Description of Training:

The CDM course has been developed in three different levels of courses: Basic, Certificate, and Diploma course. The course contains five modules as under:

  • Community
  • Development
  • Management
  • Skill Development
  • Issues by subjects

For the delivery of this training, SCN has a pool of facilitators. Once the training is organized as a residential, online/web-based, and field-based course, appropriate facilitators from the pool are asked to facilitate the course at residential, online, and supervise and assist the trainees in the field after the residential course is over. Besides the course, facilitators other community development specialists will also join the facilitators in the field. At the same time, the staff members of SCN will also monitor the activities and coach the trainees.

Training Goal:

Develop value-based community development professionals to enhance organizational capacity to better serve the communities.

Training Purposes:

This CDM course is designed as an integrated package with the necessary knowledge, skill, and capacity required to facilitate community development programs. Its main aim is to promote/enhance the knowledge, skill, and capacity, according to the essence of (Transforming People, Transforming Communities) community development workers or campaigners from rural and urban areas of Nepal concerning community development and management.

Training  Objectives:

The objective of the course/training is to equip active community development campaigners with appropriate knowledge and skills to make them capable. The theoretical knowledge and practical experiences acquired from this training by the participants will enhance their professional’s capability to effectively implement community development programs.