At Share Care Nepal, we believe in advancing knowledge and transformation through collaboration and team work. We do not discriminate our volunteers based on their sexual orientation, religion, skin color, educational background or past incidents. Thanks to all our passionate and dedicated volunteers we are able to deliver exceptional assistance that motivate and empower the people to live happy and rewarding lives.

We welcome all individuals with passion to work with us in our mission to help people in need. Volunteering with us enables you to meet new people, learn new skills and help people get the support they need. While volunteering with us you can choose a role that suit you, you don’t just help others but also get incredible reward on a personal level including practical benefits that will take you further in your life.

Interested individual for volunteering can mail us at [email protected] with personal information or give us a call on +977-1-5538577.
Alternatively, you can fill up Volunteer Application Form below.