Transforming People-Transforming Communities(TPTC) Project, Lalitpur

Community Development Management (CDM) course was implemented through the TPTC project to enhance the value-based knowledge of development practitioners. The short and long training course will equip the development practitioners with adequate knowledge and skill in community development and give them practical as well as theoretical knowledge and enhance their professional competence for effective implementation of the community development program preferably participants from remote areas will benefit from this program with special reference to women.

Based on the learning, need, and demand different categories of staff working in the field of community development. SCN has decided to design and run the course at two levels (Basic and Diploma course) to meet the individual and organizational need for capacity development.


Mid-June 2012 –Mid-July 2020


Bandegaun, Lalitpur

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540 participants will:

  • Have acquired and demonstrated community development concepts, skills, approaches, principles, and application to better serve the communities.
  • Be better equipped as community development professionals.
  • Have identified and exhibit attitudes that recognized and appreciated communities and community dynamics.
  • Be equipped with professionals skills to design and manage projects effectively and efficiently.

Thematic Priorities:

  • Capacity Development