Hope Project, Makawanpur

The project Hope is designed to bring hope into the lives of the people analyzing the current country situation, in a time when the country is going through a speedy transition i.e. political, socio-economical, technical, legal, environmental, and recovering from the major earthquake of April 25, 2015. The project aims to reduce poverty, continue to transform the lives and empowerment, strengthen the link for advocacy through social media, foster social justice, strive for dignity, and increase hope. The project is implemented in Dandakharka (ward 1 & 2) of the Kailash Rural Municipal of Makwanpur District.


16th July 2017 – 15th July 2020


Dandakharka( Ward-1 & 2) of Kailash RM, Makawanpur District.

Supporting Partner:



  • Creating a progressive and prosperous community for just and lasting change.
  • Enveloping vibrant communities for social justice and harmony.
  • Capacity enhancement and organization development

Thematic Priorities:

  • Income Generations and Livelihood
  • Social Justice and Harmony
  • Organizational Development