Joy Project, Nuwakot

The joy project aims to bring an inclusive and tangible transformation in the lives of poor and marginalized people of the community by empowering them, improving their food security through livelihood opportunities, mobilize them for the safety of girls and women and institutionalize their groups for just and lasting changes.

The project will benefit 1108 households with an estimated population of 5891 community people (1520 direct beneficiaries and 4371 indirect beneficiaries) of Betini (ward # 4) of Dupcheshowr Rural Municipality (RM) of Nuwakot district by 2024.


1 November 2020- Mid-July 2024


Betini (Ward-4) of Dupcheshwor RM, Nuwakot District

Supporting Partner:



  • To enhance gender equality, equity, and the empowerment of women through their participation in the social and economic movement at all levels and bringing women into the mainstream of development.
  • To improve agricultural and livestock productivity, value chain development, food and nutrition security of targeted rural populations in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  • Inspire Youths (Boys and Girls) and children to exercise their rights to survival and for professional growth by making them informed and responsible.
  • To enable community-based groups to become more aware of their situation and to realize their collective abilities and responsibility to manage themselves in a sustainable approach.

Thematic Priorities:

  • Empowerment
  • Food Security and Livelihood
  • Safety: (Human Trafficking, Unsafe Migration, Harmful Practices)
  • Organization Development