Nirmala Humdung

I had the impression that all kinds of community groups are similar and focus only on saving and credit schemes so I was not interested to join groups. Recognizing my involvement in social work, the women group offered me to be their Chairperson. I could not deny their trust and respect for me so accepted but I had no confidence because I had no idea about my responsibility and lack the knowledge, skill to lead the group. Matter of fact, I was not able to sleep for a couple of days due to concern. I want to thank Share and Care for helping me and my group to manage, lead, and strengthen us. We have done many exemplary works for women empowerment, minimize human trafficking, and economical upliftment together in the community.

I have been elected as Deputy Chairperson of our Rural Municipality for five years, I have big and several responsibilities but I am confident because I have experience and exposure to deal with leadership challenges and opportunities. Now, I am working on empowering women and bring them in my position in the future.