Human Liberty Project (HLP), Makawanpur

Project Duration:June 2010 – June 2013


To improve social, economical well being and protection of women and children from trafficking and its consequences in 3 VDCs (Handikhola, Sarikhet and Rakshirang) of Makwanpur district Nepal by June 2013

Immediate Objectives:
  • Enhance knowledge and understanding of 10,000 men and women in Handikhola, Sarikhet and Rakshirang VDCs on the issue of human trafficking and its consequences by June 2013
  • Facilitate and empower 27 women groups and enable them to participate actively to prevent human trafficking.
  • Promote girl child education to 45 students of secondary grade and 135 school drop outs and facilitate youth development within the target area by June 2013
  • Develop sustainable livelihood opportunities to 30 women and girls who have been victim of trafficking and 20 poorest of poor and needy family by June 2013
  • Assists in the re-integration of an estimated 30 trafficked women and their children into the society by June 2013