Human Liberty Project (HLP), Makawanpur

HLP project was focused on minimizing human trafficking and empower women for their rights, participation, and access to decision making at the community level. The project initiated preventive measures for human trafficking, women empowerment approach, re-integration of survivors, and collaboration to strengthen solidarity for a just and lasting empowerment process.

The project was able to sensitize community people about various means of human trafficking for various purposes. They have learned about the legal consideration of human trafficking cases. They were aware of the agencies, networks, and procedures to prosecute the trafficking cases and rescue the victims. They have initiated to protect and support survivors through their groups. The adolescent girls were mobilized in the anti-human trafficking campaign and share their understanding with their friends. The survivors who were not accepted or partially accepted by the family and community have been supported with regular counseling to live a better social life. Most of the survivors in contact have been involved in the women groups and actively participating in the programs. The project can have good coordination with stakeholders and line agencies to work on minimizing human trafficking.


June 2010 – June 2013


Handikhola, Raksirang and Sarikhet VDCs of Makawanpur District

Supporting Partner:



  • Enhance knowledge and understanding of 10,000 men and women in Handikhola, Sarikhet, and Rakshirang VDCs on the issue of human trafficking and its consequences by June 2013.
  • Facilitate and empower 27 women groups and enable them to participate actively to prevent human trafficking.
  • Promote girl child education to 45 students of second grade and 135 school dropouts and facilitate youth development within the target area by June 2013.
  • Develop sustainable livelihood opportunities to 30 women and girls who have been a victim of trafficking and 20 poorest of a poor and needy family by June 2013.
  • Assists in the re-integration of an estimated 30 trafficked women and their children into the society by June 2013.

Thematic Priorities:

  • Anti-human Trafficking
  • Women Empowerment
  • Girls Education & Youth Development
  • Livelihood & Entrepreneurship
  • Re-integration