Empowering Through Safe Water And Agriculture (ETSWA)-Lamatar

The project managed to provide drinking water supplies for 420 families (2310 people), increase food security and agricultural income for 600 families (3300 people) through irrigation and agricultural development program, and enable the communities to sustain and build on achievements beyond the end of the project through the formation and strengthening of water users and farmers groups.

2 gravity-fed drinking water schemes with sand filtration systems were installed and Local Water Users Committees (WUCs) were formed and trained on organizational issues, management of funds, and sustainability of the water supply.


16 January 2011 – 15th January 2012


Lamatar-1,7 & 9 of Lalitpur District

Supporting Partner:



  • Access to safe drinking water and improved practical knowledge on sanitation and personal hygiene 420 families (2310 members) with sustainable access to safe drinking water (through the construction of 2 gravity-fed water systems) and with improved understanding enabling them to value and safely and effectively utilize and maintain the drinking water supplies.
  • Improved food security, nutrition, and income from agriculture an estimated 600 families (3300 people) with improved food security, a better understanding of healthy diets, and beginning to generate new disposable income from increased agricultural production. (80% of families demonstrating at least a 50% increase in their disposable income).
  • Effective and sustainable community organizations 3 Water Users Groups, 3 Farmers Groups, and 1 cooperative formed and functioning, ensuring sustainability and growth of the project’s achievements.

Thematic Priorities:

  • Drinking-Water
  • Agriculture Development
  • Organizational Development