Advocacy on Women Empowerment (AWEP) Project, Makwanpur

This project covered 2 rural VDCs (Bharta and Kalikatar) of Makwanpur District. The project served 1,347 households with a total population of 8,109 by improving the social, economic, health, education, and women empowerment status. The project was able to improve the quality of life of women. The activities were implemented through various groups and SCN staff facilitated the process to develop the skills and knowledge of community will and ensure the sustainability of the activities with the maximum use of local resources. The project is supported by CEDAR Fund Hong Kong.


1st May 2011 – Mid-July 2017


Bharta and Kalikatar VDCs of Makwanpur district

Supporting Partner:

CEDAR Fund Hong Kong


To facilitate and advocate a process of change to improve the quality of life of women for an estimated 4,176 women in 2 VDCs of Makwanpur District by 2017.


  • To advocate and empower women and enable them to participate actively in development activities.
  • To advocate for girls to have access to education and facilitate to improve the quality of their life.
  • To initiate women enterprises to improve the livelihood of the women.
  • To Minimize the human trafficking of girls and children in the community.

Thematic Priorities:

  • Women Empowerment
  • Basic Education
  • Livelihood & Entrepreneurship
  • Anti-human Trafficking