Harmony Project, Nuwakot

The Harmony Project has been developed to bring harmony through just and lasting change into the lives of the people analyzing the current country situation, in a time when the country is going through a speedy transition i.e. political, socio-economical, technical, legal, environmental, and recovering from the major earthquake of April 25, 2015. The ultimate aim of the project is to reduce poverty, continue to transform the lives and empowerment, strengthen the link for advocacy through social media, foster social justice, strives for dignity, and enabling harmony.

The activities are formulated based on the real needs of the communities and carried out with appropriate approaches that will bring sustainable tangible transformation in the lives of the vulnerable communities that are hoping for transformation to happen. This project proposed to serve 1,542 households and 8,437 population of Samundratar (852 HH and 4,737 populations) and Rautbesi (690 HH and 3,700 populations) of Dupcheswor Rural Municipality (RM) of Nuwakot district, Province 3 by transforming the lives of the community with special consideration to the most vulnerable families in the community.


Mid July 2017- Mid-July 2020


Samundratar(6) and Rautbesi(3) of Dupcheswor Rural Municipality (RM), Nuwakot district

Supporting Partner:

TEAR Australia


  • Increase socio-economic status through improved agriculture practices, livestock, and micro-enterprises.
  • Create access to resources and decision-making process through the mobilization of SHGs.
  • Minimize Trafficking, Exploitation, and Slavery (TES) and gender-based discrimination.
  • Strengthen the capacity of Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) for Institutionalization.

Thematic Priorities:

  • Agriculture and Micro Entrepreneurship Development
  • Empowerment and Advocacy
  • Social Justice and Harmony
  • Organizational Capacity Strengthening