Dandakharka Women Network Group

The Dandakharka Women Network Group is a guardian of 9 Women Action Groups (WAGs) representing different villages of Hope project. There are 18 members in the network, who act for 9 groups (2 members from each group). The network is responsible for strengthening groups, institutionalize them, and raise funds for them. So far the network has done its best role to uplift the group and encourage them. The network has constructed a community learning center (office structure) and set up the office for groups by raising funds from the government. They have purposed the government for constructing boundary walls in their premises.

They are in the process of partnering with social organizations for women development activities. They are representing women’s participation in committees like forest user, irrigation, foot trail construction, school management, and health post-management. The network had led a 6-kilometer road repair and environment protection program. The network has been raising sensitization and awareness about prevention from COVID-19 during and after lockdown. They also support local government in managing quarantine in the community. The saved one girl from being trafficked and handover the trafficking agent to the police. They are training the group leaders for leadership development and helping members to manage the saving and credit program of groups. The groups have a feeling of confidence and trust in the guidance and support of the network, which is the success of the network.