DIGNITY-II Project, Nuwakot

The Dignity-II Project has been implemented to empower poor and marginalized people in the target areas of the Nuwakot district and dignity their lives for creating a safe and just society. The project aims to serve 2944 (Direct-1608 and Indirect-1336) out of 2960 population in the community to combat trafficking and modern-day slavery through women empowerment, livelihoods/food security, and youths engagement process, thereby adopting Share and Care Nepal’s successful empowerment and transformation approach.


17 July 2021- 16 July 2024


Balkumari, Ward 5. Dupcheshowr Rural Municipality Nuwakot District, Bagmati Province, Nepal

Supporting Partner:



  1. Improved communities’ awareness on human trafficking, unsafe migration, and counseling, and necessary psycho-social support or referral services/facilities available to returnees, survivors, and other affected people.
  2. Established organized and empowered women groups to create safe and dignified futures/lives to prevent and mitigate trafficking and unsafe migration through collective actions.
  3. Improved livelihoods and food security of vulnerable families through subsistence and commercial farming, livestock management, and rural entrepreneurship.
  4. Enhanced capability of youths (boys and girls) on life-skills, locally suitable vocational skills, and on social problems (particularly modern slavery issues), and vulnerable adolescent girls are supported to complete formal schooling.

Thematic Priorities:

  1. Combating Human Trafficking
  2. Women Empowerment
  3. Livelihood
  4. Engaging Youths