Action Based Community Development Empowerment (ABCD-E) Project, Nuwakot

Action Based Community Development Empowerment (ABCD-E) Program is a “community development through people’s action”. The project was an expansion of the Action Based Community Development (ABCD) project to empower and transform the lives of the community in Sumundradevi, Thanapati, and Sunkhani VDCs of Nuwakot District.

The program facilitated activities to minimize the needs of the community in the areas of community health, community education, food security, women empowerment, environmental sustainability, and organization development through facilitating and coordinating with community groups, government line agencies, and stakeholders.

The program benefited 4675 (direct) men, women, children, local CBOs, and stakeholders by unifying them in groups, enhancing their knowledge and capacities, and institutionalizing their initiation and groups for the sustainable development and transformation of the life of poor and needy.


16 July 2013 – 15 July 2016


Samundradevi, Sunkhani, and Thanapati VDCs of Nuwakot District

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  • 3387 men, women, and children improve their knowledge and habit as regards health issues, sanitation, and personal hygiene and live a healthy and prosperous life.
  • 540 women and 135 boys/girls expand their education and learning for their meaningful living as a knowledgeable person.
  • 1350 women members of Women Action Group (WAG) get organized and advocate for women empowerment to improve their social, economical, and cultural status.
  • 375 farmers’ families enhance their knowledge and skills about the improved agricultural approach to commercialize their products and maintain their food security.
  • 75 members of the Environment-Friendly Group (EFG) develops their knowledge and capacity about conservation and disaster preparedness to protect the community from natural and man-made disasters.
  • Enhance the knowledge and capacity of staff and stakeholders to smooth implementation of plans and achieve objectives through shared vision, mission, and values.

Thematic Priorities:

  • Community Health
  • Community Education
  • Women Empowerment
  • Food Security
  • Environment Sustainability
  • Organizational Development