Sarita Tamang

Sarita Tamang never imagined that she would become a women leader in the community. She was shy and busy at household chores and farming.  After she joined the women group, she learned about women’s rights, their social responsibility, and the significance of women’s participation in community development. She became an active member, learn about social issues, and develop her confidence. She took lead in a group and become Chairperson of the women’s network. She got involved in various community development committees.

As a network leader, she collaborated with the police department to take care of domestic violence, human trafficking, and become a women representative in the school management committee. As a result, domestic violence and forced trafficking cases have been dropped down. She was threatened by some men in the community when she advocates for their wives’ rights in domestic violence cases. Even her husband was threatened by them but she never got discouraged and her husband always supported her. She is happy with the progress of women in the community. She is thankful to Share and Care Nepal for helping them in this journey of empowerment.