Raj Kumari Bhomjan

Raj Kumari Bhomjan (32) is a survivor, she survived from exploitation and slavery in Saudi Arabia. She was a housemaid of a family in Saudi, she was tortured physically and mentally by the family members. Raj Kumari got married at the age of 17 as a second wife. Her husband has a first wife and three children. To support all family members, she went abroad for employment but returned with only bitter experiences. When she got back home, she starts weaving carpet in her small room, this is what she is good at, and for other options, she had no money for investment.

She joined a women group and the other members learned about her struggle abroad through her sharing. She was supported by other members to reintegrate into society and empowered her. The received support from Rs. 20,000/- from the project and bought 5 baby goats for commercialization. Now she has 8 grown-up goats ready for sale. She still weaves carpet regularly for additional income. Now, she has become Chairperson of the women group, livestock entrepreneur, and inspiration for other survivors.