Makhamali initiated pea farming

Makhamali age of 55 years lives on Bhimphedi-7, Kogate, chameli. She was married at the age of 15. She has 4 sons and 1 daughter but she is living with one son and a daughter. None of the member is involved in income generation activity and they are supported occasionally by other sons.

She became member of women group and participated in LLE campaign. She received loan of Rs. 10,000 for vegetable farming. She farmed pea with 20 KG seed and all family members supported her to take care of plant. After 4 months of hard work she earned Rs. 16000 with profit of 6000 excluding their labor cost. She is happy with income and planning for better income vegetable options in the future. She is very thankful because she learned about entrepreneurship through vegetable and excited to do more in future.

Collected by
Rupa Saru Magar
(Group motivator)