Irrigation Become Hope and Light For Community

Aaibuwang is one of the rural village of Dandakharka. Most of the population in this village is dependent on traditional farming and labor work in the nearby city. Though there is possibility of cash crop and vegetable farming but due to limited knowledge, skills and lack of irrigation facilities, the community did not make an effort.

When Share and Care Nepal introduced farmer’s group concept, the farmers formed Aaibuwang Farmer’s Group. The group mobilize their members and with the support from SCN, they repair and maintained the irrigation system. During the process all members contributed labor and resources to complete the irrigation system. 28 households have been directly benefited by the irrigation; they have irrigated 5 hectors land for farming. Further the community have used the irrigated water in to the hydro to produce electricity for 21 houses.

The Chairman of the irrigation user committee says that he never imagined that they can do such big job with limited resources as a Farmer’s group member. He says. “we are very encourage with this achievement and we have plan for commercial farming and improve income of the farmers in the future.

Collected by
Sujita Khatiwada

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