Hopeful with poultry farming

Fulmaya Rumba (45) is living with her daughter. Her husband died 5 years back, she had to ear for her daughter from a small farm, which is very difficult so she works as farm labor. When Share and Care form group in her community, she becomes a member and started to save some money in the group. She was later recommended for livestock support program of Hope project and she received 40 chicken, 25 kg. feed for chickens and essential utensils for feeding.

She took care of chickens and when grown, she sold it for Rs. 40,000/-. With that money, she pays for her daughter’s education and continues poultry farming. She sold second batch chicken with profit of Rs. 13000 in three months. Now she has 40 grown-up chickens on her farm and she plans to sell it in festival time and make more profit.She says, I am very happy with my business (poultry) and I hope this business will bring prosperity in our lives.

Prepared by: Prakash Rana Magar