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Sunday August 19, 2018

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Transformation Stories

Prakash develops himself as a model farmer
Prakash Thapa is 27 years old resident of Kukhure village-8 Mahakali Village Development Committee. He has four family members including his parents, wife and son. The main occupation of his family is agriculture and livestock. Prakash stayed in city Kathmandu and works in marketing for few years. Later he is not satisfied with his job so decided to go back home and support family in agriculture.

Integral Mission

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The Church is growing in Nepal. The Churches are mostly involved in evangelism and propagation of the Christian faith and development organizations are focussed on social development. Bridging the gap between the role and understanding of the Church and development organizations and encouraging cooperation and working relationship between the two is a major challenge. Conceptual understanding of development in the Church and encouraging their involvement in the community is an important priority. 


Key Objective:

Equip and engage the local churches in the community for Integral Mission through partnership in transformation development work



  • Invite local church leaders for devotion, prayer and especial events organized by Share and Care
  • Provide support to translate and produce Integral Mission materials in Nepali languages for local churches
  • Support Micah Network Nepal’s initiative to Promote Integral Mission in the local churches.
  • Encourage involvement of churches in community based development work
  • Participate in National and International events on Integral Mission and create an opportunity for exposure visit